Suri and Co

A Futuristic Vision With
Home Grown Expertise

A Futuristic Vision
With Home
Grown Expertise


Established in 1939 by Late Shri S. Suriyanarayan, Suri & Co. was built purely on Integrity, Trust, Professionalism, and Values. In over 8 decades, we have grown in scale and diversity with a workforce of more than 220 across 4 states with 8 centers –  standing united. 

Working passionately together
with professionalism to deliver optimal value and leave an impression that defines them.

Committed to conduct business with integrity and high levels of quality with shared values that shape the foundation of our culture.

Tapping into the latest technologies to provide
faster and smarter solutions and audits anytime, anywhere.

Dedicated to face new
challenges with regular training and development
to excel in our service and continue to grow.

Our Services

Striving For The
Suri Success

Dedicated, focused, specialized, and well-structured end-to-end firm of auditors, tax advisory experts, corporate strategists, risk managers, and financial & market analysts with over 84 years of experience.

Providing our best services and enabling stakeholders to gain absolute confidence in the affairs of the company by being diligent and by using the best of minds at core and best in class technology.

Identifying solutions for a plethora of risks in Business, Strategic, Compliance, Finance etc in a timely manner and suggest best practices, alternate mitigating controls to enable and achieve the business objective.

Providing dedicated services coupled with the state of art technology to ensure that entire compliance needs are taken care in a very efficient and time-bound manner.

Advising on the various aspects of the business including efficient transaction planning, smooth transaction execution and best industry practices.We also portray litigation expertise to handle the case in question.

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