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What’s The Colour That Comes To Your Mind When You Think Of Anything Traditionally Feminine? Pink? Not Much Of A Surprise Considering Most Marketers And Product Innovators Also Associate Pink With Women And Women’s Products.

What Is Pink Tax?

Take a pink, “girly”, razor blade and a black “manly” razor blade and compare the prices. Alarmed at the staggering gap? That’s pink tax working overtime to ensure that feminine products cost more than typically masculine products of the same use and material.

What Is The Effect Of This Tax?

In 2015, having examined five industries, 24 stores, 91 brands, and 794 products, the New York City’s Consumer Affairs Report cited that on an average, women products cost 7 percent more than similar products marketed for use by men.

From A Tax Standpoint, Why Does It Matter?

This notional tax affects women all over the world but especially women that do not receive support, culturally or financially. Essentially, women are paying more and earning less.

  1. Women not being able to educate themselves or having supportive male or female family members who believe their education is as important as a man’s

  2. Corporate jobs paying women less than men for the same designation, also known as the gender pay gap

  3. Women not considered to be permanent employees by any company as corporates believe that marriage, pregnancy and motherhood are factors that draw the female workforce away

  4. Autonomy of money holding and understanding of personal finance is still a very nascent concept among women and especially women in rural areas

  5. When it comes to selection of candidates for top-level positions, women are often left as second choice.

  6. Menstruation, lack of safe transportation, entitlement of men and lack of awareness on independence of women in Indian culture are just some of the problem areas.

Statistics show that around 67% of Indian population has no idea what pink tax is or what the implications are on the female population. Gendered tax is usually associated with the sale of menstruation products but Indians need to understand it more than that. Pink tax ensures that women will always be one step behind men.

How Do We Battle Pink Tax?

Once we become aware of pink tax, we can show our support toward the removal of pink tax and the expectations that we have from the companies that we buy from. A great arena for advocating change, that has shown results before, is social media.

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